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Sanne Huijbregts (16-03-1992) is an Amsterdam based vocalist, vibraphonist and composer.
Her love for music and jazz was ignited at a very young age as she followed the Amsterdam Conservatory’s Junior Jazz College program, and rose through the ranks of Peter Guidi’s various celebrated youth big bands. Before even leaving high-school she was making a mark on the local and international stage, receiving soloist prizes at the MeerJazz Festival and the prestigious Prinses Christina Concours. She pursued her studies in the Bachelors program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, during which she met guitarist Eran Har Even with whom she formed the band EvenSanne. As a duo, they received the incentive prize from the Keep an Eye Jazz Awards, and released their first CD Something So Sweet in 2014.
Huijbregts went on to take part in the European Jazz Masters program, which took her to study at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and at the Jazz Institute Berlin. She wrote a thesis on unaccompanied vocal performance and added electronics and live looping to her ever growing musical arsenal, allowing her to perform solo sets at the Bimhuis(Amsterdam) and Jazzhouse (Copenhagen).

In 2016, EvenSanne won the Keep an Eye Records prize on the strength of which they released the album What If to great critical acclaim. A firm proponent of our modern day do-it-yourself culture, Huijbregts stands out as an artist whose vision and abilities extend across several mediums. She is not only a genre defying vocalist, vibraphonist and composer, but also a talented photographer and film maker. She designs all her own artwork and directs her own videos, presenting a strong personal vision of what her work should both sound and look like. Her music is a dreamscape of loops, lyricism and intimate compositions. The latest addition to Sanne’s setup is the Xylosynth, an electric vibraphone that allows her to explore her multi-instrumentalism and complement her voice with a myriad of tones and textures.
Besides her work as a solo artist and bandleader, Huijbregts appears regularly as part of her duo Knock on Wood with drummer/percussionist Joost Lijbaart, and as a featured guest of the Spoken Saxophone Quartet.

"Sanne Huijbregts is real a character” - Coen de Jong, Jazzism
"Huijbregts doesn’t aim to simply please but stays true to herself” - Maarten van Heuven, Vrije Geluiden

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Sanne Huijbregts, zang

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