Helena Basilova, piano

The captivating work of pianist Helena Basilova spans two worlds: that of her Russian ancestry and the world of contemporary works and technology. Rooted in a deep understanding of tradition and interpretation Helena collaborates with composers and artists all over the world and is dedicated to finding new interfaces between performer and audience. Helena is fascinated by the sound wizards of yesteryear making their instruments come to life with poetry freedom and imagination. They have nurtured her never-ending curiosity about the power of expression in sound as well as the background of the music. Her latest album is a tribute to fantasy to the unknown and to everything magical in this world. The theme has made Helena collect music by Medtner, Myaskovsky, Prokofiev, Janáček, Schnittke and Bagri.

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Helena Basilova, piano

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vr 20 augustus 16:00-17:00 | Proeftuin Klassiek

vr 20 augustus 22:00-00:30 | A Fearful Fairy Tale

vr 20 augustus 22:00-00:30 | Nacht van het Park