Elisabeth Hetherington, sopraan

Since moving to the Netherlands in 2016, award winning soprano Elisabeth Hetherington has quickly established herself as an up and coming performer and interpreter of early, as well as contemporary and modern repertoire throughout Europe. Elisabeth has been praised for her “… fearless and powerful personality. Flawless technology and breathtaking presentation.” (NRC, 2020), “virtuosic grace, sophisticated dynamics and subtle colours…beautifully lyrical, somewhat fragile timbre...” (Place de l’Opera Magazine, 2020), as well as her “beautiful and intimate settings of Monteverdi” (Het Parool, 2019), and her “...delicate singing and presentation of airs de cour” (El País, 2017).

Managing to effortlessly bridge the gap between early and contemporary music, Elisabeth has premiered, and recorded numerous works throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and Estonia. Her versatility being her strong suit, she is acknowledged for her ability to combine old and new music “She sings the folk song-like lines with an admirable dose of magnetism. Pianist Paolo Gorini set another Dickinson poem to music: It’s like … in the Monteverdian vocal decorations you can hear the versatility of Hetherington” (de Volkskrant, 2019).

Elisabeth has received a great deal of attention for her work in the field of Original Pronunciation of Elizabethan English – an area seldom explored. Her research into OP has quickly gained traction and on top of her busy performing schedule, she has become a sought after clinician on the subject, giving masterclasses in conservatories around the Netherlands, as well as appearing as a lecturer in the Utrecht Festival Oude Muziek.

Foto: Anna van Kooij

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Elisabeth Hetherington, sopraan

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