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From 19 to 22 August 2021 it's time again! This year Oranjewoud Festival has three zones: experience the cheerful casualness in the Play Zone and wonderful experiences in the Expedition Zone to pure enjoyment in the Comfort Zone. The ninth edition of Oranjewoud Festival has started!

As a volunteer at Oranjewoud Festival you make an indispensable contribution and you can experience the festival in a unique way! A festival with a large number of enthusiastic volunteers is extra cozy and many hands can do a lot of work. We need volunteers for various positions listed below:

  • Accreditation: you are the first contact for guests, musicians, volunteers and press.
  • Atmosphere management: you help with the design of the festival site and ensure the right atmosphere.
  • Runner: you will be used for all kinds of jobs on the festival site or outside.
  • Traffic and transport: you help transport artists and audiences by bus or golf cart.
  • Public guidance: all activities related to the public.
  • Construction and dismantling: you help with the construction and dismantling of our festival site.
  • Cash register: you take care of ticket sales on the festival site.
  • Catering: you and your team take care of the food and drinks for everyone involved as an employee.
  • Catering assistance: you support the various catering points on the premises.
  • No preference: nice, we put you in where necessary, or as a flying keep.

What do you get in return?
You work in a highly motivated team on a festival with beautiful music in the most beautiful location nearby. What else do you want? We provide good food and drinks, a t-shirt from the festival and a cozy volunteer meeting. After your shift you can attend concerts if there is enough space. You will receive a travel allowance if you live far away. Of course we do our utmost together for a safe festival.

Yes, I'm happy to help!
Welcome! How nice that you want to help us organize a beautiful festival again this year! Do you want to register by filling in the form via this link?

Do you have any questions?
Send an e-mail to

Trudy Tomson, volunteer coordinator

Volunteers wanted!
Would you like to help us organize another beautiful festival this year? Sign up by filling in the form via this link!