Composition for insects, speaker flower bed and bassoon

icon-timeza 4 juni 10:00-17:00

icon-pointerKas van Nas


Driven by the desire to understand the connection between the decline in biodiversity and the impact of human activity on soil, composer Mayke Nas – an enthusiastic vegetable gardener herself – began to take an ever-closer look at her own garden and way of gardening in the last couple of years. The purchase of a macro lens enabled her to actually see everything that zoomed and buzzed past in the garden. ‘Ah, a bee ...’ became ‘Ha! A large-headed resin bee!’ or ‘Hey! A pantaloon bee!’. The same goes for flies, wasps, beetles, spiders and other bugs. They went from being anonymous passers-by to familiar guests, each with their own characteristics.

She expressed this fascination for the rich variety of these buzzing bugs and the importance of all these different species to the ecosystem in a big buzz orchestra. This takes the form of an ongoing installation, a glasshouse visitors can spend as much time in as they like to immerse themselves in a buzzing world of insects and other musical sounds.

Artists and performers

Alban Wesly, bassoon (recording)
Koos Dijksterhuis, story teller
Mayke Nas, composer


Mayke Nas – Zzzoem! 


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