Yoga in Concert

Jan Kuiper & Yvonne de Hoop

icon-timema 6 juni 10:00-11:30

icon-pointerPastorale (Overtuin)

Yoga in Concert

Imagine this: you sit down and calmly breathe in and out. Then, when you lie down on your yoga mat, you hear a gentle voice guiding you into meditation. Welcome to Yoga in Concert!

Yoga in Concert is an idea of guitarist, writer and yogi Jan Kuiper. Together with his partner Yvonne de Hoop, he has been giving much talked-about yoga concerts for a number of years now. During this special concert, yoga poses, musical sounds and meditation meet. Anything goes: you can actively take part on your own yoga mat or just sit back and relax while you listen to the music. Every performance is different. The content, dynamics and atmosphere of the yoga classes are determined by the location, the musicians and the theme. Jan and Yvonne take you on a unique inner journey in a flow of movement, breath and relaxation.

Artists and performers

Jan Kuiper, gitaar & RAV drum/yogi
Yvonne de Hoop, yogi


€ 17,50
€ 8,75 (jongeren 19 t/m 30 jaar)
€ 2,50 (kinderen t/m 18 jaar)

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