What about Mary?

Wishful Singing sings it all: from Callas to Bloody Mary

icon-timeFri 31 May 14:45-15:45

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What about Mary?

Her name goes back to the beginning of our timeline: Maria. It’s resounded through the centuries, never losing any of its appeal. From madonna to majesty: The Marias just keep coming and going. Maria Callas, Mary Poppins, Bloody Mary: where would history be without its Marias? She was the muse for a long line of composers: Palestrina, Reger, Rodgers & Hammerstein. Wishful Singing’s ode to Our Ladies brings them all together in What about Mary?, a programme of melodies with a Maria in the leading role. After all, without a Maria, there would have been no Sound of Music.

Anne-Christine Wemekamp, eerste sopraan
Maria Goetze, tweede sopraan
Marjolein Verburg, mezzosopraan
Janneke Vis, eerste alt
Marjolein Stots, tweede alt
Regie: Annechien Koerselman

Artists and performers

Wishful Singing


Arrangements and compositions: Robert Schumann, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sylvia Maessen, Wijnand van Klaveren, Daan Verlaan, Philip Lawson, Bob Zimmerman, Kate Moore, Giovanni da Palestrina, Jetse Bremer and many others.


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