Nature en culture in dialogue

icon-timezo 5 juni 10:00-00:00


Artist duo Jurjen Alkema and Andrea Dröes bring nature and culture into a dialogue with [tik], a location composition and light artwork that makes both the chaotic and geometrically ordered properties of nature audible and visible. The makers about [tap]:

'We are inspired by the location for the composition of the installation. The map of the field with trees is a grid of 7 x 7 points, each of which can function as an individual sound source by hanging 49 pleasantly ticking boxes in it. This allows us to make the sound travel through the installation. All cabinets sound about the same. As a result, the composition is not so much about melody and sound as about rhythm and space. You could say that we are developing a 49-key instrument that cannot play different frequencies, but different locations. Placing yourself between the trees provides the best experience.'

Artists and performers

Jurjen Alkema, composition / light art


Freely accessible