They Have Waited Long Enough

Three female composers give voice to three mythical women

icon-timezo 5 juni 15:00-16:15

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They Have Waited Long Enough

Composers Annelies Van Parys, Aftab Darvishi and Calliope Tsoupaki create new, contemporary sounds for three women who have had to wait in the wings of the great Greek myths far too long. They shine a new light on these women’s stories, add a new nuance to them and infuse them with new power. Is Medea a revengeful monster or a mother consumed with compassion? Is Circe an evil witch or a heroine filled with great humanity? And what about Penelope’s so-called helpless waiting? 

Author Gaea Schoeters found the words that do these women justice: moving yet liberating. Soprano Katharine Dain sings them to life. Three colourful soloists enter into an intense dialogue on clarinet, duduk and qanun. British stand-up classicist and captivating storyteller Natalie Haynes provides an introduction for the three characters.

Katharine Dain, sopraan 
Anna voor de Wind, klarinet 
Raphaëla Danksagmüller, duduk 
Osama Abdulrasol, qanun 
Natalie Haynes, classicist en schrijver 
Ragazze Quartet


Annelies Van Parys – Medea 
Aftab Darvishi – Never Belonged 
Calliope Tsoupaki – Penelope


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They Have Waited Long Enough is een initiatief van Wonderfeel in co-productie met Lunalia, Antwerp Liedfest, Oranjewoud Festival, November Music & Mittelfest.