The First, Late and Eternal Beethoven

The Dudok Quartet perform two contrasting compositions

icon-timeSun 2 June 14:30-15:45

icon-pointerRabobank Pavilion

The First, Late and Eternal Beethoven

The Dudok Quartet’s forthright and inspiring performance lets its audience see and hear that what they play is neither old nor new but today’s music. Music that should be heard, this is music that touches the heart, befuddles our heads and makes a lasting impression.

For the Oranjewoud Festival, they selected two contrasting string quartets by Beethoven with quite a story behind them: String Quartet No. 1 in F Major and String Quartet No. 13 in B Flat Major. What do they have in common? For one thing, they were both thoroughly rewritten. Beethoven completely reconstructed his first string quartet two years after he wrote it. ‘It wasn’t until now that I learned how to write a quartet’, Beethoven confided to violinist friend of his. For his thirteenth quartet, he gave it a different finale shortly after its première. The original Grosse Fuge, already monumental in tone and scope, was expanded to create an acclaimed and separate work. Meanwhile, the corresponding quartet was given a much lighter, slightly folkloric finale. Both works show Beethoven at his most versatile: from flashy to lilting, from brawny to passionate.

Artists and performers

Dudok Quartet


Ludwig van Beethoven - Strijkkwartet in F, opus 18 nr. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven - Strijkkwartet in Bes, opus 130 


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