The Erlkings

Franz & Ludwig

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The Erlkings

With their irreverent performance of Schubert’s Die schöne Müllerin, The Erlkings were the surprise of Oranjewoud Festival 2019. While this celebrated ensemble from Vienna have great respect for the songs by Schubert and Beethoven, they also approach these composers as avant-la-lettre singer-songwriters. As contemporary troubadours, The Erlkings sing lustily about fast-flowing brooks and unattainable love, but in English and accompanied by guitar, tuba, drums and mandolin. This refreshing dive into this magnificent song repertoire introduces it to a whole new generation of Schubert and Beethoven fans.

In Franz & Ludwig, The Erlkings return to the original blueprints of the classical song with Beethoven’s short song cycle An die ferne Geliebte and some of his greatest standalone songs, including Adelaide and Ich liebe dich. Beethoven’s Sturm und Drang is in sharp contrast to the empathetic world of Franz Schubert. Songs such as An den Mond and Gretchen am Spinnrade form tangible, audible proof of how much the art of classical song evolved from Beethoven to Schubert. 

Artists and performers

Marcello Smigliante Gentile, mandoline (IT)
The Erlkings (AT)


Ludwig van Beethoven - Adelaide, Ich liebe dich (Zärtliche Liebe), Sehnsucht, An die Hoffnung, Mailied, Neue Liebe, neues Leben 
Ludwig van Beethoven - An die ferne Geliebte: Auf dem Hügel sitz’ ich spähend, Wo die Berge so blau, Leichte Segler in den Höhen, Diese Wolken in den Höhen, Es kehret der Maien, es blühet die Au, Nimm sie hin denn, diese 
Franz Schubert - Der Pilgrim, Der Jüngling am Bache, An die Musik, Gretchen am Spinnrade


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