REMY & the Analogue Robot Orchestra (Midnight Concert)

Remy van Kesteren

icon-timezo 5 juni 23:59-01:00

icon-pointerFB Oranjewoud Pavilion

REMY & the Analogue Robot Orchestra (Midnight Concert)

Remy van Kesteren was last guest at Oranjewoud Festival in 2019. He then gave a smashing late night performance around his album Tomorrow Eyes. Then he took his first tentative steps towards a programmable accompaniment orchestra that he could take anywhere.

Three years later, the robot orchestra has matured into one large musical organism that not only follows Remy, but also challenges and surprises him. Man and machine are pushing their boundaries bit by bit. Together with his companion Jurjen Alkema, who is responsible for the dazzling video mapping of their performance, he has developed a brand new program that seems to be made for the night.

Artists and performers

Jurjen Alkema, composition / light art
Remy van Kesteren, harp


Het Middernachtconcert maakt deel uit van de Nacht van het Park

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