Pynarello meets Nynke Laverman (Prinsenwijkconcert)

Classical meets pop - Europe meets Friesland

icon-timezo 10 juni 16:00-17:00

Pynarello meets Nynke Laverman (Prinsenwijkconcert)

Pynarello describes itself as a club of rebels that blows in like a whirlwind through a china shop. Classical music doesn’t have to remain the same: it can be more exciting, more spontaneous, more direct, and doesn’t need a conductor or sheet music. Pynarello: the next generation.

During the closing Prinsenwijk Concert, this club of rebels will have a special encounter with Nynke Laverman, one of Friesland’s most colourful singers. You’ll hear Mendelssohn and Ravel as well as a colourful medley of songs like the LF2018 theme song, ‘Seis Oere Thús’ (Home at Six), ‘Little Water’ and ‘Hallelujah’. Classical meets pop - Europe meets Friesland.

Artists and performers

Nynke Laverman, zang




Final words

This is how we want to conclude the cultural capital edition of the Oranjewoud Festival. After all, as different as Frisians can be from other Dutch people - and Dutch people from other Europeans - essentially, everyone shares the same dreams and fears, a longing for simple pleasures, and the hope for a future in which everyone’s children and grandchildren can thrive. We should cherish our differences but unite ourselves in our goals.

Yoram Ish-Hurwitz, Artistic Director