Oekraïne Special

Young Ukrainian talent on stage

icon-timeza 4 juni 14:00-15:00

icon-pointerProeftuin Stage

Oekraïne Special

This special focuses on the difficult situation in Ukraine. Many people were forced to leave home and hearth and flee abroad. Among them are also very young classical music talents. In collaboration with the Russian violinist Anastasia Kozlova, artistic director of Festival Groeneveld, the idea arose to organize a concert special about Ukraine in De Proeftuin during Oranjewoud Festival. You'll hear some of these talented teens play and tell their stories. If you wish, you can also make a donation on the spot to support them in their exile. The special is presented by Emma van der Schalie.

Artists and performers

Emma van der Schalie, presentation
Maria Parfonova, Sofia Dorosh, Anna Nebaba & Pavlo Slipko


Free with festival bracelet