Koerikoeloem (première)

A musical poem caught by the wind

icon-timeSat 2 June 13:00-14:00

Koerikoeloem (première)

In an open field is a circle of sails formed by eight wind harps. Their soft ethereal sounds become audible as one approaches. The singing sails form a chapel of sound. In the middle of this open space sits a woman wrapped like a mummy in a paper dress covered with incomprehensible characters. She is playing a Japanese wind instrument.

People approach from the distance. They are reciting fragments from ‘Koerikoeloem’, a poem written by Tjitske Jansen, every line of which begins with the words ‘there was’. As the singers make their way forward, they leave long strips of paper behind as if they are literally letting go of the lyrics they have sung. Finally, they sit down between the wind harps, around the audience.

Meanwhile, three figures (the Axolot recorder trio) appear and free the woman from her paper wrappings. The strange characters written on the wrappings turn out to be a kind of graphic musical score originating from ancient Spanish manuscripts: music that disappeared long ago and is being rediscovered in the polyphonic improvisations played by the recorders. The recital of poetry performed by the choir becomes more and more melodious. Again and again we hear ‘There was’. Increasingly complex patterns of movement and music develop until a calm returns and everything seems to be absorbed into the sound of the wind harps.

The musicians and performers contributing to ‘Koerikoeloem’ are:
Eight vocal soloists
Jan Heinke, sound system
Hans van Koolwijk, sound system consultant
Susanne Marx, choreography/mise-en-scène

Artists and performers

Miranda Driessen, composer
Naomi Sato, sho
Tjitske Jansen, schrijver
Trio Axolot, blokfluittrio


Miranda Driessen - Koerikoeloem



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