How to play the triangle (première)

Immigration, adaptation and acceptance in an upbeat interactive concert performance

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How to play the triangle (première)

How to play the triangle is a unique concert performance featuring lots of drama, virtuosity and humour. Here, the triangle serves as a metaphor for an uneasy trio - immigration, adaptation and acceptance: concepts that evoke a wide range of questions and emotions. By this time, it’s not just anonymous immigrants who have had to endure this process but also accepted and successful Dutch composers such as David Dramm, Vanessa Lann, Ned McGowan, and Ron Ford (all from the United States) and Tatiana Koleva (from Bulgaria). Brand new works by these composers will provide the audience with musical stepping stones through this performance. A common thread running throughout will be the music from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story which addresses the same subject.

How to play the triangle is also an interactive performance. No fewer than a hundred triangles will be played by members of the audience during two short compositions: Triangles and Snapped. To prepare for this, Tatiana Koleva and the Youth Percussion Pool will provide short workshop given three times during the day. Anyone who has bought a ticket for the concert can sign up for this and learn for themselves how to learn to play the triangle of cultural integration.

Artists and performers

Tatiana Koleva, percussion
Youth Percussion Pool


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