Fuse Live (Final Concert)

A fantastic fusion of musicians in their own musical world

icon-timeSun 2 June 16:30-17:30

icon-pointerFB Oranjewoud Pavilion

Fuse Live (Final Concert)

Forget for a moment what you think you know about classical music, violins, or the stuffy proprieties of attending concerts. Fuse quickly sweeps you into their musical world - a world you didn’t know you needed until you experienced it. The distinctive sounds of this eccentric sextet are sizzling, exciting and provocative.

For years, Fuse has served as the house band for the Dutch TV programme ‘Podium Witteman’, but the route the group has taken since 2012 is less well-known: since then, they have made hundreds of performances in smoky clubs, serene churches and venues ranging from outdoor music festivals to concert halls. Their hours spent on stage, in the TV studio, and experimenting in the rehearsal room have become a part of their DNA. This is a musical entity that explodes off the stage. In the world of Fuse, you’ll find traces of jazz, Baroque and folk music, swing, minimal music and improvisations that make every performance a new discovery. See and hear it at Oranjewoud! 

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This concert is included in the international visitor programme.