Stegreif Orchester (international debut)

icon-timeThu 30 May 20:30-22:00

icon-pointerThialf Ice Hockey Stadium


The Berlin-based Stegreif Orchester is unlike any other orchestra. These young musicians see eye contact with their audience as more important than hiding behind their music stands. They also prefer grooving their way through a piece rather than following the compulsory beat of a conductor’s baton. They prefer to move around to being chained to a chair. They memorise entire symphonies and introduce countless improvisations into their performances. Their #freebrahms programme is an experience like no other.

The Oranjewoud Festival is proud to be organising the international debut of this unique orchestra. As distinctive as this orchestra is, it requires a special venue for this occasion: the Thialf Heerenveen ice hockey stadium, more than 50 years old, will be specially prepared for this event. On a performing surface of 1800 square metres, the orchestra will mingle with the audience during its unique and exhilarating rendition of Brahms’ Symphony No. 3. During the four movements of this symphony, the Stegreif Orchester will demonstrate how the identity of this music written 136 years ago can undergo a complete transformation and win the hearts of audiences of all ages.

Some delightful details

  • The Stegreif Orchester was founded by horn player Juri de Marco in 2016.
  • Despite its newness, the orchestra has already garnered various high-prestige awards such as the German D-Bü Award, the Start-Up Music Award and the Würth Award.
  • It has also received rave reviews in newspapers and magazines such as The Strad, Die Zeit, Berliner Morgenpost and Süddeutsche.
  • As the Oranjewoud Festival’s orchestra in residence, the Stegreif Orchester can be heard at various times in a range of guises during festival events that include the Night of the Park and the Zonsopgangconcert.

Artists and performers

Stegreif Orchester (DE)


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