Eternal Love

Busch Trio plays Brahms and Clara Schumann

icon-timeThu 30 May 13:45-14:45

icon-pointerFB Oranjewoud Pavilion

Eternal Love

This internationally renowned piano trio will perform a programme recalling one of the most famous platonic relationships of the nineteenth century: the one between Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann. As the wife of Robert Schumann, pianist Clara became acquainted with the composer Brahms as a great devotee and admirer of her playing and Robert’s music. The fact that her own compositions were taken less seriously was not so strange in the unemancipated world of that time. Nevertheless, her trio for piano was a highlight of her oeuvre; remarkably enough, Clara described it as feminine and sentimental, yet it was actually lyrical, refined and refreshing. On the other hand, Brahms’ much more familiar trio for piano, is highly expressive and turbulent. Was this a presentiment of the dramatic events that would soon play out by the Schumanns (a suicide attempt by Robert) or was it pure musical considerations that inspired Brahms? We can only guess.

Artists and performers

Busch Trio (BE)


Clara Schumann - Piano Trio 
Johannes Brahms - Piano Trio no. 1 in B major, op. 8 


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