Travelling North

The Eef van Breen Group pushes the boundaries further

icon-timezo 3 juni 16:45-19:30

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Travelling North

"The music of the Eef van Breen Group is adventurous; it travels through musical landscapes, jumps effortlessly across style barriers, and cannot be captured, pinned down or categorised.

Music like a resounding film that stimulates all the senses and continuously travels in surprising directions. It makes the work of the Group not only fantastic to listen to, but also music to think about."

The Eef van Breen Group could often be heard in the theatre in recent years, including in Fellini and the theatre hit Borgen by the Noord-Nederlands Toneel and with its own ‘film without image’ Chapman for President. Along with the Berlin musicians violinist Biliana Voutchkova and pianist Antonis Annisegos, Eef van Breen created the music for the play Kinder des Paradieses at the Berliner Ensemble last winter. In the Netherlands, he played together with his permanent group members, harpist Eva Tebbe and bassist Stathis Elio, in the performance Bambie is Back! by the Bambie mime theatre group. He brings these two worlds together in a quintet line-up during this concert at the Oranjewoud Festival.

A sung standard, balanced compositions, wild improvisations, poetic sound fields. The Eef van Breen Group pushes the boundaries even further with this international group brought together for the Oranjewoud Festival within the framework of LF2018!

Eef van Breen, trumpet/composition
Eva Tebbe, harp/vocals
Biliana Voutchkova, violin
Stathis Elio, double bass/tuba
Antonis Anissegos, piano/harmonium

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Eef van Breen Group