Double Trouble 2

icon-timezo 5 juni 22:30-23:40

icon-pointerBlack teepee (Overtuin)

Double Trouble 2

The Trouble With Double Vision by Diamanda Dramm, which was performed in 2021 by eight vocalists with megaphones on the Grand Canal in Oranjewoud, brings back vivid memories for anyone lucky enough to be there. And not just because of the iconic photo it produced. Double Trouble 2 is a direct sequel to it; yet, in many aspects, its opposite. Part of the audience takes a seat in the completely darkened Black Tepee, around which the vocalists perform Dramm’s piece. On the one hand, they sound as if they are really close by and all around, while the voices appear to be drifting in a slow-motion choreography. On the other hand, the tepee’s black canvas creates a certain distance. Because of the darkness, your hearing is sharpened, allowing you to hear things that you would perhaps miss otherwise. The remaining members of the audience are seated outside the tepee and are presented with a vocal spectacle with a mise en scène of light accents in the darkness. And once again, the megaphones play a key role ...

Diamanda Dramm, componist 
Laia López Ramírez, sopraan 
Machteld Vossen, sopraan 
Maria van Santen, sopraan 
Wilko Koekoek, countertenor 
Hannah Tomasini, alt 
Marijke Beute, alt 
Twan van der Wolde, tenor 
Olivier Kemler, bariton 
Hanneke de Wit, artistieke begeleiding zangers 

Artists and performers

Diamanda Dramm, composer


Diamanda Dramm – The Trouble With Double Vision


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The Trouble With Double Vision is in opdracht van Oranjewoud Festival geschreven.