Die schöne Müllerin #1

Shedding a scandalous new light on Schubert’s Die schöne Müllerin

icon-timeSat 1 June 15:15-16:15

icon-pointerFB Oranjewoud Pavilion

Die schöne Müllerin #1

You could refuse to listen to it. After all, how could a trendy band dare dishonour the greatest songwriter of all time? Pop arrangements, and then in English. Ugh! But if you let yourself be tempted to sneak into a performance, you might be surprised at how quickly your preconceptions evaporate. Not only are they pathfinders for a new generation of Schubert fans, but they also provide a brand-new look at his universally acclaimed song repertoire. Every arrangement and interpretation display a genuine love and respect for Schubert. At the same time, there’s the willingness to break with all the conventions to discover new facets of these magnificent songs.

Ultimately, you’ll see The Erlkings as being a very valuable addition to Schubert’s legacy. They actually build a bridge between popular love songs written by today’s singer-song writers and the songs of great song composers of the past. The songs of Schubert and Schumann are being rediscovered as based on a modern English vocabulary. The unusual combination of voice, guitar, cello, tuba and drums produces a new world of sound that even the most conservative expert in the art of song-writing will enjoy as if hearing it for the first time.

Tip: If you’d like to hear what the original sounds like, don’t miss the performance by Andrew Dickinson and Matthew Fletcher on Sunday, 2 June in the Rabobank Pavilion.

Artists and performers

The Erlkings (DE)


Franz Schubert - Die schöne Müllerin*
*Complete cyclus van 20 liederen, herschapen door The Erlkings


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