Chanting Forest (pilot)

Find out what silence, effects and leadership do to you

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Chanting Forest (pilot)

Time and attention are scarce. How do we actually distribute it amongst ourselves, others and all kinds of social issues that concern us? Chanting Forest is a composition in the making by Diederik Rijpstra who tries to find the answer to this question. You can read exactly how here. It’s a musical installation with a choir, in which you as an audience member walk through blindfolded.

Forest of singers

The choir is arranged in an area with the choir members placed about two metres apart. This creates a kind of forest of singers with enough space for you to move between them.


In this pilot, the composer researches three parts of the musical piece:

  1. Lux Silentiosa - In this part of the research, Diederik wants to influence you as little as possible. He wants to give your imagination as much space as possible.
  2. Parade - During this composition he wants to try out a lot of elements that could excite you.
  3. Who Guides? - In this piece, Diederik wants to research the effect on the music and your experience when you have an influence on the music.
Artists and performers

Consensus Vocalis
Diederik Rijpstra, composer


Diederik Rijpstra - Chanting Forest


€ 10
Up to and including 18 years € 2,50
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