A Landscape That Is Us

(Virtual) composition by Strijbos & Van Rijswijk

icon-timema 6 juni 10:00-17:00

A Landscape That Is Us

Experience Oranjewoud parkland in a completely different way. Sound artists Strijbos & Van Rijswijk composed a brand-new piece especially for the festival, with you, the visitor, and the surroundings as the central focus. Equipped with an iPad and headphones, you walk through Overtuin and Museumpark. Along the way, you choose your route, so that the sound artwork is revealed to you in a very personal way. In other words, you will hear something different from your fellow soundscape explorers. You will come across mirrored panels by artist Marc van Vliet that produce sound, as well as Marco Barotti’s tapping Woodpeckers. Both works of art interact with the sounds from your headphones. You will also find so-called Long-Throw speakers along the way that will change your perspective of the landscape.

You choose which way to go, the sound directs your gaze, the landscape will never be the same again.

The result is that you as a listener and visitor become part of the composition, which you help create. Stronger still: your experience and place in the space are the most important part of it. Your new perspective of the landscape (which is probably familiar to you) constitutes the actual work of art.

Composer duo
For more than 20 years, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk have been playing with the concept of music and sound. Worldwide, they create installations and landscape operas in which the audience is the central focus and a trinity of sound, audience and landscape is forged. Their Walk With Me app is used from Terschelling to Los Angeles and their landscape opera Signal has been creating a stir at festivals across Europe for a number of years now.

At the 2021 Oranjewoud Festival, the duo produced the Soprano Panorama by the Belvédère observation tower.

Artists and performers

Alejandra Theus, actor
Frank Siera, writer
Jellichje Reijnders, dramaturg
Jurjen Alkema, composition / light art
Marc van Vliet, beeldend kunstenaar
Marco Barotti, visual artist
Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, compositie


€ 14,50
€ 7,25 (jongeren 19 t/m 30 jaar)
€ 2,50 (kinderen t/m 18 jaar)

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Zo werkt het
Met een ticket kun je voorafgaand aan het festival een tijdslot reserveren op een van de festivaldagen. Gedurende twee uur krijg je de beschikking over een iPad en een hoofdtelefoon waarmee je de compositiewandeling op je eigen tempo kunt lopen. De minimale duur is ongeveer een uur.