Summer Winds

When Poulenc opens a window, all France comes in.

icon-timeSat 1 June 17:00-18:00

icon-pointerRabobank Pavilion

Summer Winds

This ensemble, assembled especially for the festival, consists of Georgian-Dutch pianist Nata Tsvereli and five wind instrument players from the Noord Nederlands Orkest. Their shared passion for music guarantees an unforgettable concert. Their programme features the trio and sextet written by Francis Poulenc along with a wind quintet by Paul Taffanel.

The listener is fully aware of the humour, high spirits and French charm, as well as the sublime craftsmanship that Stravinsky and other composers so admired in Poulenc’s Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano.

His sextet involves a unique story. Although completed in 1931, the composer was unhappy with the result for a long time. In 1933, he made a new attempt, but it was not until 1940, after the Germans had defeated the French, that Poulenc completed the piece in an attempt to defend French culture. The work is written to make the best possible use of the timbres produced by each instrument. André Georges, a music critic, captured the movement's sunny character, by writing that ‘When Poulenc opens a window, all France comes in’.

*The five wind instrument players are:

  • Francesco Gatti, flute
  • Justine Gerretsen, oboe
  • Rob van der Vlugt, clarinet
  • Marije van der Ende, bassoon
  • Hanna Guirten, horn
Artists and performers

Leden van het Noord Nederlands Orkest
Nata Tsvereli, piano


Francis Poulenc – Trio Oboe-Bassoon-Piano
Francis Poulenc – Sextet for piano and wind quintet
Paul Taffanel - Wind quintet


€ 22,50*
€ 11,25 (jongeren 16 t/m 30 jaar)
€ 2,50 (jongeren t/m 15 jaar)

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