Programme overview

After a turbulent year as a result of the corona pandemic and various revisions, we can finally proudly present the program for the ninth edition of Oranjewoud Festival. This is divided into three inspiring zones, each of which in its own unique way allows you to hear, feel and experience the power of classical music in a way that is only possible in Oranjewoud.

In the Comfort Zone in the paradise garden of Landgoed Oranjestein you can enjoy the most beautiful performances by musicians such as Johannes Moser, Noa Wildschut and Roeland Hendrickx or the intimate, relaxed setting of daily Salons. Anyone who likes the relaxed atmosphere and cosiness will immediately feel at home in the Play Zone in the entire Overtuin. In addition to the fact that all kinds of mini-performances and bands can be heard there during the day, the best artists from home and abroad play there in the evening at the interface of classical, jazz, world music and pop. But if you really want to experience the unique character of Oranjewoud Festival, try the Expedition Zone, spread across the entire park landscape. It is difficult to describe what you experience there. You can only experience that. Of course at your own risk.

Friday, june 3

Saturday 4 June

Sunday 5 June

Monday June 6