About the Festival

Oranjewoud Festival is a versatile, exciting and accessible international classical music festival. As an organization, we are buzzing with new ideas and do not rest until we have realized them. Our mission is to keep classical music alive, inspiring and moving in order to touch the minds and hearts of current and future audiences. To put it more simply: classical music is alive and kicking and we want you to see, hear and feel that.

Behind the classical tradition exists an enormous wealth that we cherish passionately. That is precisely why innovation is key to us. This manifests itself from location-specific concerts to cross-cultural connections. We strengthen the bond between our visitors and the music by continuously renewing it and connecting it to the experiences of the audience. We also act as a catalyst, developer and supporter of artists and musicians.

The festival lasts four or five days and takes place every spring at indoor and outdoor locations in the historic Park Landscape of Oranjewoud. Anyone visiting the festival for the first time is surprised by the paradisiacal atmosphere of the area. What really inspires us are the many hidden elements and stories, such as an underground cold war bunker, the Eco Cathedral by artist Louis le Roy or the small hotel swimming pool.

With our 'Proeftuinen', centrally located in the park landscape and the surrounding main program, we are able to attract a wide audience. We introduce them to classical music in all its diversity and appearances.