Oranjewoud Label

In 2020, Oranjwoud Festival introduced the Oranjewoud Label. Projects carry this label when they are initiated, produced and / or adopted by Oranjewoud Festival. In many cases, these projects transcend the festival.

Running projects:

  • Jazz violin concerto by composer / pianist Thomas Beijer, commissioned by Oranjewoud Festival and the Noord Nederlands Orkest (2022)
  • Twenty - Primo Ish-Hurwitz's composer project (2022)
  • ELSA - part of the New Makers trajectory of mezzo-soprano Cora Burggraaf (2021)
  • De Salon - based on a concept by and with violinist Rosanne Philippens (from 2021)
  • MusicFactory - part of De Kinderproeftuin. Children build acoustic and electronic instruments, compose and perform the result (from 2021)
  • FlitsOpera - part of De Kinderproeftuin where children make a full opera in two hours (since 2019)
  • Night of the Park - mini performances in a fairy-lit garden, concluded by a Midnight concert (since 2017)

Completed projects:

  • Tinteltijd - youth performance by writer / performer Joke van Leeuwen, performed by herself, violinist Noa Wildschut and accordion duo TOEAC (2018)
  • Splendid Isolation - cellist David Fernández's buker project (canceled due to corona