Practical information

Een goede voorbereiding is het halve werk. Hier vind je alles over bereikbaarheid en toegankelijkheid, hoe je kaarten kunt kopen, waar je tijdens het festival kunt eten, drinken en slapen en wat je moet doen als er onverhoopt problemen zijn. Tijdens je bezoek aan Oranjewoud Festival hoef je alleen nog maar te genieten.


If you want to visit the festival for longer than a day (definitely a good idea!) and you don't live in the area, you could spend the night at various places.  The most convenient option would be to stay at Golden Tulip Tjaarda Oranjewoud. Here, you’d be right in the middle of the festival and could walk or cycle anywhere. You could also make use of the free Lullaby Room Service: that evening, one of the festival musicians or ensembles will visit your room and give you a personal mini-concert.  How cool is that?

You could also reserve accommodations with us at Hotel Heidehof in Heerenveen, a hotel very close to Oranjewoud. You won’t have to pay until check-out, and cancellation is free until 24 hours before arrival.

The Tourist Information page provides a list of all the hotels, bed & breakfasts and camping sites in the vicinity.  Beginning in mid-October, you can reserve rooms at a selected number of hotels either directly or from our website.

Food and beverage 

What could be nicer than joining other festival visitors, friends or the musicians themselves for a drink after a concert? The Garden of Delight has everything you might want, from a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to a full meal. To pay, you’ll use festival coins that you can purchase with cash or your bankcard from the festival’s cashier who is also located in the Garden of Delight. Tjaarda Oranjewoud has its Grand Café 1834 for casual dining as well as its Restaurant De Oranjetuin. As of mid-January, this site will also be available to place your orders for economical festival dinners. 


We recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance. You can then be certain of attending your preferred concerts. What could you do if you suddenly find yourself loving the music performed by an artist you’ve heard in the Garden of Delight? If what you’ve heard just isn’t enough, the festival cashier in the Garden of Delight might have some remaining concert tickets available.

Information desk

Next to the festival cashier in the Garden of Delight is an information desk where festival employees can help answer your questions. And if they can’t help you themselves, they’ll know someone who can.


This festival has to be accessible for everyone, with or without a disability. Very soon, this page will be the place to find various details about the accessibility of the concerts and a phone number to call for assistance during the festival. We will have golf carts available for people who have difficulty walking. Also important to know: unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the Overtuin.


Kun je niet vinden wat je zoekt of heb je een vraag? Stel hem gerust. Je kunt ons bereiken via Meer contactgegevens vind je hier.

Tijdens het festival zijn we telefonisch bereikbaar via 06 49 59 08 75


Kun je niet vinden wat je zoekt of heb je een vraag? Stel hem gerust. Je kunt ons bereiken via Meer contactgegevens vind je hier.

Wij zijn telefonisch bereikbaar op werkdagen van 09.00 tot 17.00 uur
en tijdens het festival op (0513) 201158