Expedition zone

Have you taken out a good life insurance policy, packed your Swiss army knife and put on your naughty walking shoes? Then you are ready for the Expedition Zone. The most wonderful, surprising and stimulating performances take place throughout the Parkscape Oranjewoud. Take, for example, the Surround Concert by Johannes Moser who has exchanged his acoustic cello for an electric one and conjures up the most special sounds in the middle. Or Cora Burggraaf who almost literally crawls into your head in the Eco-Cathedral in search of the true me of you, her and Elsa Diepenbrock. During Soprano Panorama you can even hear a whole choir singing from all directions, but you don't see it at the De Belvédère lookout tower. And we are not even talking about the Night of the Park. Those are just a few of the wonderful experiences that can be expected in the Expedition Zone.