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This website uses cookies. Oranjewoud Festival makes use of our own functional cookies and cookies originating from third parties for analysis and marketing objectives.
Functional cookies ensure that certain parts of the website function as they should and that your user preferences remain unchanged. Cookies are used for such purposes as:

  • being able to remember the user session during the time you are logged in;
  • remembering any data you have entered into fields.

Cookies and trackers placed by third parties
The Oranjewoud Festival has no control over the gathering of information by parties that supply us with services. We do our best, however, to minimise the amount of information that these parties share. We have no control over the information that these parties gather. To know what these parties do with the personal data that they gather by means of these cookies, please read the privacy statement (which can be revised frequently) available from these parties.

Our website makes use of cookies placed here by Google as part of the Google Analytics service. We use this service to receive reports over such information as how visitors use our website, how they use Google’s search engine, and which pages visitors view at our website. We then use this data to try to optimise our website. We do not permit Google to use the data it obtains for other Google services.

Facebook also records data to measure how often our advertisements are viewed on Facebook.

Once you have logged in to order tickets, the data you enter is stored by our ticketing partner Gentleware. This data is never shared with other partners except for our ticketing partner itself. The data you have entered is used only for the purpose for which you have shared this information: for ordering tickets for performances at the Oranjewoud Festival.

Our website includes buttons on its webpages for promotional purposes and for sharing on two social networks: Facebook and Twitter. These buttons, which also place cookies at our site, operate by means of code snippets originating from these social networks themselves.

Our website makes use of videos originating from YouTube and Vimeo. These video embeds also record their own statistics.